Kombassan Inc. Packing Facilities has reinforced its knowledge and experience since 1989 and it made large investments in early 2011. With these investments, the corporation joined to the field of offset printed microwave cardboard packaging production.
Kombassan Inc. Packaging Facilities is an integrated facility that is always available the latest technology for pre-printing equipments, offset printing machines and post-printing units and that can provide continuously services thanks to paper-cardboard stocks.
Customers prefer to our facility first thanks to the system that is made quality control at all stages, that can make offset printing in the world standards and provide this standard from the first print to the last edition.
Kombassan Inc. Packing Facilities has proved its position and permanence in the sector with expert, experienced, trained printing staffs, and with its completed investment program by responding to the need of all kinds of cardboard packaging from cleaning materials to medicine boxes for 22 years.
With these investments, our existing 6,000 tons of cardboard consumption capacity has reached 20,000 tons and has become a cardboard packaging and offset printing plastered box production facility.
Our company, which has become the most equipped facility of the region and continues to invest to protect it, serves a wide geographical area by taking advantage of its location.